[Homeroast] Garage Roasting Was: Re: New Classic Espresso Blend - Resting Time

Jamie Dolan jamiedolan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 14:15:32 CST 2011

>I add a 105 seconds of preheating and I'll use 10-12 ounces rather than 14 ounces of beans.  I haven't
>done the New Classic, but if you are taking it too second crack, I'd suggest even using 8 ounces on the pound
>setting and running roasts back to back with simple vacuuming and cleaning of the temp sensor area on the
>right side. At least that works for me.
> Peter

I followed your direction, but moved up to a 1 pound roast.
Everything worked fine, until the last roast, I kept getting an error
on the screen.  I moved it in and let it warm up, and then I was able
to roast again fine.  I was colder out last night, and was more like
20 by the time I tried that last roast.  I did clean the machine
between roasts and when I was getting the error, and the error didn't
go away until after the machine was back in the house for a little
while.  Ended up with 3 pounds roasted.

I think the roast looks pretty good, I took a couple photos of it:


I hope it improves with rest.  It had a good strong chocolate taste
this morning, but the body was a little weak, just didn't taste nearly
as full as I expected.  (lots of crema though) I hope the lack of body
isn't because I over-roasted it.  I stopped the roast, just as soon as
I heard it rolling in second.


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