[Homeroast] my first real roaster!

Tom Ulmer tom at transtate.us
Thu Jan 6 11:51:03 CST 2011

So then by the same logic do you throw out "French" or "Viennese" in
describing degree of roast as well?

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I concur,
While it may be generally accepted it has nothing to do with reality today
and it is not a roast level. This is what the craft roasting generation of
today is up against or should I say challenged with. We have out work cut
out for us showing by taste that there are many more colors ( flavor notes
etc.) to the coffee rainbow than previously experienced by our predecessors
and our parents generation. I have to accept that there are many who could
give a *&^% about any of this and only want a caffeine fix and will never
venture outside of there familiar zone. When the student is ready the
roaster will appear.
Push on with your passion. When the time is right they will find you.

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