[Homeroast] my first real roaster!

Greg Hollrigel ghollrigel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 11:44:19 CST 2011

It is funny though.

As I'm sure you all do, I know several people who drink/drank the black
burnt coffees that are so easily available, and then when they taste fresh
cups from my fresh homeroast, they are always surprised at how amazing
coffee can taste.  Two recent incidences occurred over the holidays for me.

My brother in-law was staying with us, and he doesn't drink coffee because
it always tastes burnt and bitter.  I made him a small latte, and he was
completely floored how good it was.  He said he never tasted anything like
that before.  It was so good, he asked for a second cup, and now he is a
coffee drinker, at least when he gets home-roasted at my house.

The other instance was equally pleasing.  A friend of my wife's asked for
some comments on a vacuum brewer for her husband.  I gave her my comments.
She appreciated them, but emphasized that her husband is the kind of guy who
buys pre-ground coffee and leaves the bag open for the coffee to dry out.
So I roasted them some Panama and Sulawesi for them to try in their new
vacuum brewer.  They both came back to me saying how much better the fresh
coffee is, and the husband now wants to get into home roasting, too.  ...
and I smile as he starts slipping on the now formed slippery slope.  :-)

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 9:33 AM, Joseph Robertson <theotherjo at gmail.com>wrote:

> Tom,
> I concur,
> While it may be generally accepted it has nothing to do with reality today
> and it is not a roast level. This is what the craft roasting generation of
> today is up against or should I say challenged with. We have out work cut
> out for us showing by taste that there are many more colors ( flavor notes
> etc.) to the coffee rainbow than previously experienced by our predecessors
> and our parents generation. I have to accept that there are many who could
> give a *&^% about any of this and only want a caffeine fix and will never
> venture outside of there familiar zone. When the student is ready the
> roaster will appear.
> Push on with your passion. When the time is right they will find you.
> Joe

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