[Homeroast] my first real roaster!

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Thu Jan 6 00:05:33 CST 2011

Why is it people continue to think espresso = dark roast? Baffling.

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> So very excited--I just ordered my first "real" roaster. I'd 
> been using the Poppery II for a while now, and loving the 
> coffee, but I felt it was time to move on a bit. Since I'm in 
> a small apartment and don't have an outdoor space, smoke was 
> getting to be an issue. (I have permanently traumatized my 
> dog with the constant smoke alarm going off!) So, I settled 
> on a Nesco. Indoors, small batch, slower roast, less smoke. 
> So, does anyone have any advice to offer about using the 
> Nesco? Little things to watch out for? Or, beans that you 
> would recommend that roast exceptionally well in it? From the 
> tip sheets on the SM website, I know that it does better with 
> lighter roasts as opposed to darker ones. Fine by me--I only 
> do pour-over coffee, no espresso. 
> Kim

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