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Alex Harvey alexnharvey at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 12:32:46 CST 2011

Hi Homeroasters,

I have done 7 or 8 roasts in my popcorn popper/Turbo oven roaster (black UFO
modded stirrer, disabled heater). The results have been very hit and miss.

I like a light roast, and I found my roasts were often coming out with too
much burnt flavour for me.

However my attempts at stopping before this have mostly resulted in under
done sour coffee.

I have been setting my Turbo Oven (a sunpentown digital) for 360 and then
increasing the temperature as the roast progresses, stopping around first
crack by which time oven temp (according to digital read out) is about 430.
I think that often I have not let first crack finish because the bean begin
to look overdone and often have some divots(?) before it finishes. Some
posts I have read suggest starting the turbo oven full-blast and then
reducing temp as roast progresses, would this be a better way to proceed?

I write seeking a basic profile that I can start afresh with to try and get
better results.

I have access to a IR thermometer but have not really trusted the results
and so stopped using it but with my lack of progression I am resolving to
get more scientific and take temps and notes on what I did and the results.

I am using some quite cheap sumatran, brazilian and columbian beans. They
seem of good enough quality for me to learn with.



Alex Harvey

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