[Homeroast] KONA - Mediocre Taste - how do you know if its technique or beans

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Wed Jan 5 09:58:02 CST 2011

On Jan 5, 2011, at 10:28 AM, "Jim Sutton" <jsutton at sutton.org> wrote:

> First Roast efforts:  How do you know if mediocre flavor is roasting
> technique or mediocre bean crop?

If the beans are from Sweet Marias, I doubt it's the latter.

> - ground beans in new Costco Capresso burr grinder; make 4 cups to taste.

Wouldn't call that a "burr" grinder. More a "false burr" - the spinning parts crush the beans between knobs, they don't cut the beans like a burr would. That said, it's adequate for drip, but not ideal.

> I'd describe the taste as mild and flat, unexciting, no bitterness.

Sounds like Kona to me. Can't stand the stuff ;-)

> It's been suggested I try to extend the time to first crack considerably by
> modulating the heater coils power.

I'd be happy to loan you a variac. Or a PID :-D

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