[Homeroast] KONA - Mediocre Taste - how do you know if its technique or beans

Jim Sutton jsutton at sutton.org
Wed Jan 5 09:28:35 CST 2011

First Roast efforts:  How do you know if mediocre flavor is roasting
technique or mediocre bean crop?

1.  Third batch on my First Popcorn popper roast attempt
- Lion's Gate Farms Kona green beans from their website
- first crack at 3m30s, finished at 5m10s
- first sound of second crack at 8m10s; immediately cooled beans
- probably Full City roast
- set aside 27 hours
- ground beans in new Costco Capresso burr grinder; make 4 cups to taste.

I'd describe the taste as mild and flat, unexciting, no bitterness.
Wife said she detected an after-taste.

Q1: How do I know whether this disappointing experience is due to current
crop quality or my popcorn popper roasting Inexperience?

Q2:  Advice for me as a NEWBIE roaster?

Q3.  Advice for roasting KONA coffee?

My PopperyII  mods can be viewed here: popperyii.blogspot.com

It's been suggested I try to extend the time to first crack considerably by
modulating the heater coils power.


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