[Homeroast] KONA - Mediocre Taste - how do you know if it'stechnique or beans

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Tue Jan 4 16:32:44 CST 2011

While indeed Island coffees are mild rather than a slap in the face, your
disappointment in the cup is as much or more to do with the roast. FWIW I've
roasted many 100's of pounds of Kona for personal use before taking my
passion profession. 

Your air roast both way too fast, and too dark for Kona.

1) Target start of 1st 7 to 9 min. mark
2) Target end of roast 3 to 3.5 min later
3) Never take Kona to 2nd crack, total waste of that bean type.
4) 3 to 5 days rest for flavors to fully develop

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> if it'stechnique or beans
> First Roast efforts:  How do you know if mediocre flavor is roasting
> technique or mediocre bean crop?
> 1.  Third batch on my First Popcorn popper roast attempt
> - Lion's Gate Farms Kona green beans from their website
> - first crack at 3m30s, finished at 5m10s
> - first sound of second crack at 8m10s; immediately cooled beans
> - probably Full City roast
> - set aside 27 hours
> - ground beans in new Costco Capresso burr grinder; make 4 
> cups to taste.
> I'd describe the taste as mild and flat, unexciting, no bitterness.
> Wife said she detected an after-taste.
> Q1: How do I know whether this disappointing experience is 
> due to current
> crop quality or my popcorn popper roasting Inexperience?
> Q2:  Advice for me as a NEWBIE roaster?
> Q3.  Advice for roasting KONA coffee?
> My PopperyII  mods can be viewed here: popperyii.blogspot.com
> It's been suggested I try to extend the time to first crack 
> considerably
> by modulating the heater coils power.
> Jim
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