[Homeroast] larvae in my cherries

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I meant the fly larvae arent a big deal to your health and such, but 
yes, it is not good to be transporting insect larvae from place to 
place, especially now the Kona crop is threatened by Broca.

>Transporting critters hostile to agriculture is definitely a big 
>deal.  Here in Washington, we have signs talking about "apple maggot 
>quarantine areas" and then something about transporting home-grown 
>fruit is illegal in these areas.  This is to protect the apple crop.
>Although serious stuff, I still snicker when I see that sign on 
>I-405 on the way toward Redmond. . . .  I wonder why Bill Gates 
>hasn't found a way to have it removed.
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>>  Fly larvae. Not a big deal, but also not something you should be 
>>transporting around either!
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