[Homeroast] larvae in my cherries

kevin creason ckevinj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 16:51:54 CST 2011

I brought back a baggie of kona typica cherries from the owner of Lava
Java in Maui. Great guy, didn't mind my questions at all. I gave him a
lot of business that week, so that may have greased the wheels. I'm
going to plant these cherries and try to get a couple of shrubs going
for fun.

Anyway, the ziploc baggie of coffee cherries has some little larvae
crawling around in there... Not sure if they are fruit flies or coffee
borers. I'm going to google this and see what I get. I hope this isn't
the borer. I tossed the baggie in the fridge to slow it down and give
me time to figure this out.

any suggestions?

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know what can't be done. ” -- Henry Ford  */

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