[Homeroast] Quest Upgrades

Robert Yoder robotyonder at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 2 20:44:09 CST 2011

Happy New Year, to you, too, Hank!
Nice work!
Thanks for keeping us posted on your Quest quest! Are you keeping notes on control settings, bean-load, bean-type, and results? When a particular roast batch hits First Crack, how do you "hit the brakes" to extend First and the interval after it and before Second?
I am really hoping someone will host a Quest event somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area!
all the best, and,
Happy Roasting,
robert yoder
> Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 17:36:57 -0600
> From: hankperkins at gmail.com
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> Subject: [Homeroast] Quest Upgrades
> Happy New Year to All!!
> I spent my New Years Day morning doing some roaster mods. I have a
> good friend how is a Blacksmith / Coppersmith / and owns his own
> Heating and Air company.
> The Jobs on deck were:
> One - build duct work to carry the smoke out the window
> Two - build a funnel to use to dump the beans into the roaster.
> Here is a link to the photobucket album:
> http://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k272/why1504/
> The duct has a lip on the top edge which slips over the top on the
> back of the roaster. Very Convenient as I can slip it on and off when
> ever I move the roaster. We soldered the 3-4 inch adaptor to this
> place. The flanges are hand hammered. It worked well enough that the
> wife let me roast inside today.
> The funnel is hand made out of copper sheet. Once laid out we cut it,
> bent it up soldered the seam, polished and washed it. The shine will
> dull quickly.
> Anyway, you are all welcome to the pictures and ideas. Sorry we
> didn't make any drawings!!
> Hank
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