[Homeroast] Quest Upgrades

Hank Perkins hankperkins at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 17:36:57 CST 2011

Happy New Year to All!!

I spent my New Years Day morning doing some roaster mods.  I have a
good friend how is a Blacksmith / Coppersmith / and owns his own
Heating and Air company.
 The Jobs on deck were:

One - build duct work to carry the smoke out the window
Two - build a funnel to use to dump the beans into the roaster.

Here is a link to the photobucket album:


The duct has a lip on the top edge which slips over the top on the
back of the roaster.  Very Convenient as I can slip it on and off when
ever I move the roaster.  We soldered the 3-4 inch adaptor to this
place.  The flanges are hand hammered.  It worked well enough that the
wife let me roast inside today.

The funnel is hand made out of copper sheet.  Once laid out we cut it,
bent it up soldered the seam, polished and washed it.  The shine will
dull quickly.

Anyway, you are all welcome to the pictures and ideas.  Sorry we
didn't make any drawings!!


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