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Amazing Terry - In a place that is so hard to find pickers, there is 
no problem to attract picking thieves!


>Tom that is so true.  We had a problem in my neighborhood a couple of years
>ago where 'pirate' crews would get into a coffee farm where the owners lived
>in town (and not on the farm) and clean large portions of it out..
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>>  With the market so high, the theft of coffee is becoming a big
>>  problem in origin countries. We were just visiting Finca Siberia, and
>>  Carmen emailed me that all the coffee fruit from the Pacamara trees
>>  on the farm was stolen in the night! Thieves will actually come in an
>>  pick the coffee cherry if a farm isn't guarded. In this case they
>>  handcuffed the administrator of the farm and some of the employees,
>>  and picked the trees. It's crazy what happens when the market surges
>>  and the local price for coffee goes through the roof.
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