[Homeroast] Behmor questions (micah milano)

ts thesunandtheredmoon at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 15:56:45 CST 2011

Hi Micah,

I recently got the behmor in an attempt to step up my level of
roasting, not only in scale, but also in repeatability. I find the
behmor to be able to perform to these standards perfectly. but the
issue i have is that i was also a poppery roaster, and the difference
in taste is astounding. if your used to the taste and like it (despite
the more difficult repeatability) i would stick with it. the behmor
takes along time to roast, so much that i find myself using 6oz at 8oz
setting, a full roast at C+-FC taking at least 13-14 min. while this
could compare to a more professional roasting style (more complex and
complete roast), i retain my preferences for a very short roast.
Overall the behmor is a great machine, though subjective taste is most
important when it comes to the coffee you roast and brew.


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