[Homeroast] Portland Cafe reviews

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Fri Feb 18 01:16:56 CST 2011

Was up in Portland again today and crossed another off my list. 

Coava Coffee: 
If anyone watched or read about the NWRBC a couple of weeks ago will know that they rocked it and Samuel Purvis took home 1st in the Barista championship and Devin Chapman placed in the #1 spot for the Brewer's cup, congrats to both.  The space is large and open, the roaster is set up right next to the bar and the owner was roasting during my visit.  I had a shot of a SO WP Ethiopian (the name escapes me right now) that really gave me a wake up call to the flavors that are masked or altered by the dry process in the beans I tend to gravitate toward in my personal bean purchases of Ethiopians.  The shot was a tight ristretto that was so sweet and delicious that I can still almost taste it.  I decided that I needed to try out their Kone pourover so I had Devin pour me a nice service of the same coffee.  I realy enjoyed this as a brewed coffee as well, with the Kone there was very little sediment in the cup although they were using Mazzer Robr or Kony E's on their pourover bar.  Bottom line is this, Coava is owned and staffed by a caliber of people that are passionate about coffee and know that with every batch you roast, every shot you pull or cup you brew, there is a challenge to brew the next one better.


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