[Homeroast] Choosing green coffee

Greg Hollrigel ghollrigel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 22:47:18 CST 2011

As I was reading the latest Emailer, I thought I'd share a funny ongoing
experiment I run at home.  Early in my roasting days, I came to the
realization that my better half prefers Indonesian coffees.  She's not much
on pulling out flavors or looking for subtleties, she just knows what she
likes and what she doesn't like.  She was blind to this testing.  So to test
my roasting skills, and see if I could enlighten her palate, I would try
experiments where I would randomly give her different coffees (some times a
Costa Rican, or an Ethiopian, or Guatemala, or El Salvador).  Every single
time she says "hmmm, did you do something to my coffee!".  And I just laugh
knowing that she is true to her flavors.  She likes the Sumatrans and
Sulawesis so far.  I've even tested it with more reputable roasters like
Ritual, Barefoot, and 4 Barrel, and she always comes back to Indonesian.
Now, I'm going to play with my stash of Sulawesi, Java, and Papa New Guinea,
and see if she can tell the difference there.

So, in choosing green coffee, I have to admit, for me, I like exploring the
beans and trying to get my roast and brew techniques where I can pull out
flavors that Tom describes.  Looking forward to the latest Carlos Imbachi
lot.  Most of the time I think I'm pretty close, but not quite there, but
every once in a while, I nail it, and I can appreciate the nuances of the
bean and the brew.  But for my wife, it all comes down to a nice smooth bold
Indonesian to get her day going!

Gotta love home-roasting and customizing the way you want.


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