[Homeroast] Quest: Engineer v Artisan, or Engineer + Artisan?

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Robert, et. al.,
I am using the Q with one temperature probe: BT. I don't bother with ET at
all right now. I plan on getting it set up for Artisan some day with the
right probes. But for now I log the BT every 30 seconds. I get very
consistent and great tasting results. I have a baseline roast: 200g, 7.5A,
Fan 4, Charge at 200C. [BTW, thanks to Bob, I have a thermal blanket on the
drum which helps]. From there some slight tweaks can be applied. I manually
plot each roast curve and they all look similar. I use the fan to moderate
the temperature, to slow down 1C and flatten the curve between 1C and 2C.
Hitting 2C is a snap, if I want it.
So, it's not necessary to have lots of instrumentation for basic
repeatability, even if it is desirable for precise repeatability. I will go
there eventually. I'm still absorbing the cost of the initial purchase.


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You absolutely do not need any of the instrumentation I currently have
installed on my quest.  For the first 4-6 weeks of ownership I ran
with just the analog thermometer. Every roast I did was successful.
What the instrumentation has provided for me is a way to tweek my
roasting and develop repeatability with ease.  Almost everything I do
with the electronics can be (and was)  done with pencil and paper. The
electronics only make it easier and a bit more precise.  I have
advised several to start with the quest in a purely manual mode.
Watching the window, smells, and sounds can become secondary if
reliance on the electronics is too high.

That said, working out how to increase the rate of rise using manual
methods would have been more difficult.  To be honest, if I move the
roaster around all the cabling and connectivity becomes a real pain.
Now, if I roasted several roasts, every day  I am not sure I would
have added the instruments.  I roast twice a week at the most. 4-5
loads each roast day.  Each session takes an hour or two.  If I spent
4 hours 5 days a week roasting much of this would be more intuitive.

Good Luck.

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