[Homeroast] Quest: Engineer v Artisan, or Engineer + Artisan?

Frank Parth frank at fparth.com
Tue Feb 15 09:03:33 CST 2011

Absolutely you don't need anything more than what came in the box (except for coffee beans and a source of power!).

But the QM3's design allows much more control over the roast than you get with other machines such as the GC or 
theBehmor. This opens the door for those of us who are nerdy and/or control freaks to monitor, record, and tweak the 
roast inreal time to get consistent results.

I've received everything except the thermocouple adapter and will start logging the roasting data as soon as I receive 
it.  In the mean time I've been roasting and logging the temperature data shown by the included temperature gauge every 
minute to see how the machine behaves while playing with the dials.

IIRC the use of a Mac was brought up because that's how Hank set his up and recommended Artisan software to log 
thedata, and it runs on a Mac.


>  Greetings, all, and thank you for the continuing wealth of useful information!
>  I really hope to own and operate a Quest, but it's not yet in the cards for me.  Even if it became available to 
> me,the next step of hyper-instrumentation might take awhile to materialize.
>  I'm imagining that coffee-roasting has existed since long before digital thermocouples and their accoutrements.  Isit 
> possible that the Quest M3 requires these inputs? Software?  A MAC?   I wonder how/if the roaster might be used by us 
> old analog-types?  Or is the consensus that the roaster's results, absent augmentative instrumentation, must be 
> inferior? (I do concede, that, in some cases, instrumentation can help replicate an artisan-developedroast profile, 
> and I'm glad to hear about it, in the off-chances that I will have a Quest, and, later, have theancillaries.)
>  Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  A special Happy Valentine's Day wish to Tom, Maria, BOO, Derek and the rest of the 
> SM Staff!
>  I just love the way you serve coffee!
>  robert yoder			  

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