[Homeroast] Quest M3 Discovery

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Mon Feb 14 23:15:15 CST 2011

Thank you very much, Ricky!
Your observations are very helpful!
I'm still feeling awkward about joining Facebook for coffee-information, but your post is seriously useful!
Is anyone willing to forward these Facebook posts to those of us on the outside?
Happy Roasting,
robert yoder

> Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 16:13:06 -0500
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> Subject: [Homeroast] Quest M3 Discovery
> Be very judicious in the use of the fan.
> I had been using the procedure outlined by Jim Schulman on home-barista.com.
> In this procedure he suggests using max heat and max fan for ramp to 1st(3
> to 4 minutes). I found that if I use max fan for any length of time over 1
> minute that too much moisture is extracted from the beans and I loose almost
> all sugar development. The coffee comes out very flat with a hard edge to
> it. This happened for me whether I used max heat/max fan on the ramp to 1st
> or a reduced heat/max fan on ramp to first.
> I cut back the fan to 4.5 for almost all of the roast (excepting minor
> adjustments for a short time to control max ET and very small increases in
> the finish to control finish time) and ended up with much better results,
> the sweetness and aromatics are back and the coffee tastes much as I would
> expect.
> I have also shortened up my finish just a tad to retain more volatile
> aromatics. I still have much to learn a lot more experimentation, but I
> think I am at least on the right track now.
> The very low humidity (winter) that I am roasting in may also be playing a
> role here.
> This may not be news to the experienced roasters on the list, but it took me
> a very long time to figure this one out. The thread on Facebook about
> baked/overdeveloped coffee referenced by Tom last week put me on to the
> possible solution to my vexing problem.
> Rick
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