[Homeroast] Quest M3 improving the roast with Larger Batches

Edward Bourgeois edbourgeois at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 18:30:33 CST 2011

Monkey may have contained some softer beans than in your other roasts.

On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 4:18 PM, Hank Perkins <hankperkins at gmail.com> wrote:
> Afternoon.  Over the last month I have been working to get the flavor
> equivalent from a 230g batch that I get from a 125g batch.  This has
> been a challenge.
> Around 1 Jan I got the Quest thermcoupled, and purchased the Omega
> HH806AU Data Logger. I have this connected to my Mac running Artisan.
> This gives me a real time graph of the roast.  To get the particulars
> here go to Home Barista and search for Artisan.
> The biggest advantage I have found is watching the graph develop and
> asses the rate of change for the ET and BT.  With 125g I can hit 1C at
> 7-8 min.  What I have attempted to to with the 230g load is mimic the
> time and bend the curve as to slow the rate of rise from mid C1
> through EOR allowing the flavors to develop.  Today was my first time
> to accomplish this successfully.  The issue here is how low the temps
> go after charging.  With 125g I will hit ~250 with 230g I will hit
> 200.  Please note, I am not anal about absolute temps here.  Changes
> in the beans, bean charge temps, ambient temps, humidity, a gram here
> a gram there IMO is not going to make substantial differences.
> Here is what I did.  I Charge the roaster between 400 and 405 degrees
> with the Amps set at 8 and the fan barely blowing I want ET and BT
> rising when I charge.  With 230g the BT will drop to ~200 degrees
> (+-10).  Once the ET begins to drop I run the temp wide open.  When
> the ET begins to climb I begin adding fan speed.  I don't want to kill
> my rise here.  I want to go hot  I want the ET to be between 625 and
> 650 with my fan speed between 6 and 7.  At this point I am along for
> the ride.  As my bean temp gets between 5-10 degrees from where it
> will hit C1 (between 380 and 405 depending on the bean) I begin to
> back off on the amps but not much and not fast.  Some beans like the
> jimma require a quicker reduction some don't.  Once I hit C1I pull the
> amps down to 5 and within 30-45 seconds I ramp the fan wide open.  Now
> If I do this right 1/2 way through C1 the curve will bend and flatten
> out. I then ramp the amps back up and cut the fan back down after 45 -
> 60 seconds.  Generally I want to keep the ET here above 550 depending
> on the bean. I dropped the beans once they hit C2.  Once the roasts
> were complete the look and smell was identical to roasting 125g
> batches.
> With the 5 roasts I did today I hit it in every case except the Monkey
> Espresso Blend.  I was not successful in bending the curve here.  I
> expect this has to do with the different origins of the beans in the
> blend.  Maybe Tom will weigh in here without disclosing the magical
> formula.
> In a few days I should be able to report on the success or failure
> from a taste standpoint. But the time and profiles were real close.
> Hank
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