[Homeroast] Quest M3 Discovery

ricky carter rickylc99 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 15:13:06 CST 2011

Be very judicious in the use of the fan.

I had been using the procedure outlined by Jim Schulman on home-barista.com.
In this procedure he suggests using max heat and max fan for ramp to 1st(3
to 4 minutes).  I found that if I use max fan for any length of time over 1
minute that too much moisture is extracted from the beans and I loose almost
all sugar development.  The coffee comes out very flat with a hard edge to
it.  This happened for me whether I used max heat/max fan on the ramp to 1st
or a reduced heat/max fan on ramp to first.

I cut back the fan to 4.5 for almost all of the roast (excepting minor
adjustments for a short time to control max ET and very small increases in
the finish to control finish time) and ended up with much better results,
the sweetness and aromatics are back and the coffee tastes much as I would

I have also shortened up my finish just a tad to retain more volatile
aromatics.  I still have much to learn a lot more experimentation, but I
think I am at least on the right track now.

The very low humidity (winter) that I am roasting in may also be playing a
role here.

This may not be news to the experienced roasters on the list, but it took me
a very long time to figure this one out.  The thread on Facebook about
baked/overdeveloped coffee referenced by Tom last week put me on to the
possible solution to my vexing problem.


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