[Homeroast] coffee price hikes smarting

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Sat Feb 12 21:49:27 CST 2011

Very true and you can track the price of commodities today and compare 
the price for the same commodity at 2007/2008 prices to get a good idea 
of how much funny money has ben pumped into the system.  All of this hot 
money has to come back out of the system eventually. This hot money 
injection is also known as Monetization of the Debt.

On 02/12/2011 09:32 PM, ricky carter wrote:
> You can all thank Ben Bernanke and Quantitative Easing 1&  2-  The fed
> (Federal Reserve Bank) pumps between 7 and 10 billion a day of liquidity
> into the martket (hot cash )that has to chase something. This is also the
> reason the stock market is rising at such an unnatural rate for a such a
> weak economy and the dollar is falling.
> No sense blaming the "speculators", they  get that hot cash from somewhere
> and it is the deliberate policy of the Federal Reserve that is putting it
> into their hands.
> If some one gave you 10 billion a day, basically for free, (can you say
> between 0 and .25% interest rate?) and said go have fun, where do you think
> you might put the money, particularly when the act of giving you the cash
> devalues the dollar?  why commodities of course, and it doesn't really
> matter what the commodity is.
> I just want to eliminate the amorphous disembodied "speculator" and give you
> the name of the man and the institution truly responsible.  Ben Bernanke,
> Federal Reserve.

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