[Homeroast] Coffee price hikes smarting

sci scizen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 19:00:48 CST 2011

The hike in coffee prices starting back in 2010 is starting to smart. I
hadn't really noticed, but several people I know complained about it, asking
me where to get good coffee at decent prices. SM's offering list also
reflects the hikes. One article says hikes are a combination of factors,
mostly supply/demand dynamics. Demand is rising esp. in China, and the
supply has been lower than usual due to weather etc. Another report said the
use of robusta in nasty canned blends is at an all-time high ratio in an
effort to keep costs down. One of my favorite local roasters (CCC)  charges
$14 for a 12oz bag of Kenyan ($19 lb.) and $12 for 12oz of Ethiopian DPs.
Yikes. That is steep for most folks on a flat-lined salary. Several coffee
junkies started asking me more about home roasting.

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