[Homeroast] Relationship of Cracks and Roast Stages

Robert Bedwell rlb at triad.rr.com
Fri Feb 11 17:30:59 CST 2011

Thanks Ivan......

I received two new Kenya's and a Costa Rican coffee from SM this week and I am going to pay closer attention to 2C.  

I have never had much luck with the accuracy of dial thermometers.  The kit that Eric sells is easy to install and includes
both ET and BT probes.  

Where I have had an ongoing problem is the first roast in a session.  In all three cases it has extended into 17-18 minutes
while the others are in the 14-15 minute areas.  I am going to take a longer time to warm the machine up this weekend 
and see if I can get the first roast stabilized.


On Feb 11, 2011, at 6:18 PM, sci wrote:

> Bob,
> Yea me too on the temperature. I've looked at lots of "roast guides" with
> pictures and temperatures. Somehow, those guides don't exactly match my
> experience. It is probably due to my difficulty of getting accurate
> temperature measurements, esp. for BT. My probes always seem to be a step
> behind what's happening in the drum. However, when I say I hit 2C at 220C, I
> mean that I start hearing 2C. Those are early outliers. Often, I will dump
> at that point for an FC roast.
> Ivan
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>> Thanks Ivan.....good idea to lift the chute door.    I didn't think that 2C
>> was kicking in normally until the mid 430's and higher.
>> I will clean my ears real good and see if two cans with a string in between
>> will replace a hearing aid!  :)
>> Bob
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