[Homeroast] Relationship of Cracks and Roast Stages

sci scizen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 17:18:13 CST 2011

Yea me too on the temperature. I've looked at lots of "roast guides" with
pictures and temperatures. Somehow, those guides don't exactly match my
experience. It is probably due to my difficulty of getting accurate
temperature measurements, esp. for BT. My probes always seem to be a step
behind what's happening in the drum. However, when I say I hit 2C at 220C, I
mean that I start hearing 2C. Those are early outliers. Often, I will dump
at that point for an FC roast.


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> Thanks Ivan.....good idea to lift the chute door.    I didn't think that 2C
> was kicking in normally until the mid 430's and higher.
> I will clean my ears real good and see if two cans with a string in between
> will replace a hearing aid!  :)
> Bob

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