[Homeroast] Relationship of Cracks and Roast Stages

Robert Bedwell rlb at triad.rr.com
Thu Feb 10 17:29:35 CST 2011

Thanks Ivan.....good idea to lift the chute door.    I didn't think that 2C was kicking in normally until the mid 430's and higher.

I will clean my ears real good and see if two cans with a string in between will replace a hearing aid!  :)


On Feb 10, 2011, at 6:19 PM, sci wrote:

> Bob,
> I hit 2C around 220C or close thereto above. Hear the soft cracks by lifting
> the chute door. I'm trying to hone my skills of knowing what is going on
> even if my TCs are not working correctly.
> Mike,
> Thanks for the synopsis. I prefer lighter roasts 50% of time and look for
> the milestone of the end of 1C, then look at color of the beans from the
> trier. I'm not yet able to use texture as a guide, but I will start paying
> attention. I look at my roasts under a 10x loupe, but not while roasting. C
> is rougher than C+ and beyond.
> So, if I hear ANY 2nd cracks, then I have hit FC+? Often when trying to hit
> FC, I will let the early outliers of 2C be my guide for the dump.
> Thankfully, I can hear well and the Q is quiet. I do use temperature, but I
> don't fully trust my cheap TCs frankly. I have seen how easy it is for a
> probe to be off by 7-8 degrees.
> Ivan
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>>> Ivan, at what temperature are you hearing 2C?  My hearing must be really
>>> bad because I have never heard it on the Quest.  I normally exit the roast
>>> at around 428-434 depending on how the beans look.  So far this has worked.
>>> I am going to continue with 8 oz loads.  Right now most of my roasts are
>>> in the 13.5 to 15 minute times with the 1C starting at around 9-9.5 minutes.
>>>  If I am roasting 4 loads but have noticed that the first roast is always
>>> the
>>> one that I have trouble keeping at the 15 minute time.  I am sure that I
>>> have not been pre-heating the Quest especially when the ambient temperatures
>>> are in the 50's.  I am going to start pre-heating for at least 20 minutes
>>> before
>>> starting the first roast to see if it reacts faster.
>>> I took the drum out after the last session and cleaned it after 10 roasts.
>>> I was surprised that I hardly got anything off the drum while the pipe,
>>> chute and cooling chamber were caked with coffee oils.  Soaking the basket
>>> in carfiza and hot water
>>> made it look new.
>>> I continue to be impressed with the quality of the parts and the assembly.
>>> Don't know why but Yemen Sanani takes on a different life with the Quest
>>> vs the Hottop.  It appears to have more flavor depth and not quite the
>>> earthy flavors....more like an Ethiopian Dry.
>>> Bob
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