[Homeroast] Relationship of Cracks and Roast Stages

Robert Bedwell rlb at triad.rr.com
Thu Feb 10 03:57:24 CST 2011

Ivan, at what temperature are you hearing 2C?  My hearing must be really bad because I have never heard it on the Quest.  I normally exit the roast at around 428-434 depending on how the beans look.  So far this has worked.

I am going to continue with 8 oz loads.  Right now most of my roasts are in the 13.5 to 15 minute times with the 1C starting at around 9-9.5 minutes.   If I am roasting 4 loads but have noticed that the first roast is always the
one that I have trouble keeping at the 15 minute time.  I am sure that I have not been pre-heating the Quest especially when the ambient temperatures are in the 50's.  I am going to start pre-heating for at least 20 minutes before
starting the first roast to see if it reacts faster.

I took the drum out after the last session and cleaned it after 10 roasts.  I was surprised that I hardly got anything off the drum while the pipe, chute and cooling chamber were caked with coffee oils.  Soaking the basket in carfiza and hot water
made it look new.  

I continue to be impressed with the quality of the parts and the assembly.  

Don't know why but Yemen Sanani takes on a different life with the Quest vs the Hottop.  It appears to have more flavor depth and not quite the earthy flavors....more like an Ethiopian Dry.


On Feb 9, 2011, at 11:24 PM, sci wrote:

> If I end roasts at the exact beginning of 2C do I have an FC or an FC+
> roast?
> I know it could vary a little from bean to bean. I find this to be an
> excellent point in the roast development because I never have a problem
> hearing 2C and it represents a milestone for any bean. Unless of course I am
> doing a light roast, which I gauge by the trailing off and end of 1C. While
> we are at it, is the precise end of 1C a C or a C+ roast?
> I'm roasting in the QM3, so I'm getting nice time lapses between 1C and 2C,
> usually 3 min or so without stalling.
> Ivan
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