[Homeroast] Success, I think

Scot Murphy deppitybob at comcast.net
Wed Feb 9 16:26:29 CST 2011

Okay, just got done with a batch of Ethiopian Organic Something or another. (I'm not going out into the kitchen to get the name.) Here's how I managed it: preheated the Behmor for 2 minutes, used about 2/3 pound batch, set it for 1lb/P2/B, and ran it with a sheet of aluminum foil on the inside of the door. No need for adhesive: because the chaff catcher is between the door and the drum, I can just hang it there with a little sticking out the top. 

I was cheered when I got the first pop of first crack at 4:30, and cheered even more that I didn't get another one until about 7:30. (I wanted it to roast faster, but not that much.) It was about 8:00 when the first crack really got going, at which point I opened the door, pulled out the foil, and let it run for two minutes with the door open. Second crack hit at about 13:30, which is about my experience on the SC/TO, and I didn't let it get more than two or three pops in before hitting the cool button. What I got was full city, and when I chewed on a bean it was snappy, almost bright, and with no baked flavor. Tomorrow I will try brewing it and we'll see if that improves on the baked/generic flavor I've been getting.

Scot "better beans through chemistry" Murphy

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