[Homeroast] Ping: Ira and Chris, re: Behmor

Scot Murphy deppitybob at comcast.net
Wed Feb 9 15:25:33 CST 2011

Last week I went on about my new Behmor, and Chris suggested I try 10-oz. batched on a 1-lb. setting. I'm going to try that today, because my last batch of beans came out baked. I know everyone says 11 to 13 minutes is fine, but my beans all smell like baker's cocoa and dust when they're ground. The flavor isn't bad, but so far, it's all generic. I'm getting very little nuance. Ira also said this:

"Which chaff tray do you have? The old tall one or the new low one?  I 
have the old one and I line it with aluminium foil shiny side to the 
drum. It sped up my roasts quite a bit though the door open trick 
takes a lot longer and there is nothing to see through the window. I 
roast 12 to 13 ounces on 1lb P2B with a 2 minute or so preheat with 
the beans in the roaster and usually hit first just as the power 
drops.  The cycling means that you've hit the thermostat limit 
temperature and the machine is trying to maintain temperature. That's 
also what happens during the power drop stage."

I'm also going to try a batch with aluminum foil stuck to the door, shiny side in. I have the newer, lower chaff tray, so it won't work for that, but I can manage to do something with the foil...which I will probably remove after first crack, about the time I am opening the door so I can extend the development of second crack.


Scot "if only I had the $1200 for a Q-thing" Murphy

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