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Tue Feb 8 14:56:51 CST 2011

Chris Schooley started a discussion on "baked, overdeveloped roast 
taste" on facebook:

>Greetings, great group!
>Here at the standards and practices institute (i.e. the Yoder 
>Househole), we wonder if there is consensus on Baked Beans 
>(coffee-wise).  We would like a definition a bit more 
>operation-centered, as opposed to resultant taste.  What we seek is 
>some kind of understanding of what it takes to produce Baked, rather 
>than Properly-Roasted Coffee Beans (so we can avoid doing that).  I 
>am roasting coffee in a Behmor, and have an ET thermocouple near the 
>lower heating element and a BMT.  Thing is, in the Behmor, the ET 
>swings as the heaters cycle, so the temperature sometimes dips 
>during a roast, even though the BMT continues to climb.  Is Baking 
>simply allowing any drop in the BMT before end of roast, or is it 
>something else?
>Thanks for any wisdom shared, and,
>Happy Roasting,
>robert yoder
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