[Homeroast] Beans for February

ts thesunandtheredmoon at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 22:46:53 CST 2011

Hey Frank,

Thanks for the suggestion of the africans. i remember the Nigusie
Lemma being pretty good a year ago. Im curious of the arrival of
South/Central Americas. im digging their fruitiness for now, though i
would like to get a little bit of chocolate and darker tones to the
cup. Problem im having is that I like the taste of a quick roast
(popper veteran), and the behmor isnt quite able to achieve that, so i
find myself continually roasting lighter to get to this, occasionally
getting something unpalatable(like the PNG). I'll try adjusting the
ratios to get the short time and with some darker tones. anyone with
experience with this profile? perhaps P3 is not where i should be,
though i find the other profiles to scorch or mute the coffee.


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