[Homeroast] Beans for February

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Fri Feb 4 21:13:33 CST 2011

Welcome to this motley assortment of roasters.

If you're looking for what's new for February, check out the "New" link on the Sweet Maria's home page:

For a year-long view, click to get to SweetMaria's annual calendar for what's available and when at:

It looks like there are a lot of new Africans available.

Check out also Tom's guide to bean color and how to tell how far along in the roasting process you are: 

Personally, I like to go a little farther in the roast to draw out more of the chocolatey flavors and less fruity and 
bright flavors. But that's just me.

Frank Parth

>  Hi,
>  This is my first post, and would like someones opinion of what
>  february has to offer. Im a small time homeroaster (1/2-1.5lb /wk),
>  and i like lighter roasted bright coffees that sing with winey,
>  punchy, vibrant flavors. i was roasting PNG Waghi PB last week, and
>  found it too acidic at a lighter roast. This week I roasted Nicaragua
>  Regalo de Dios, blended with Panama finca Camiseta, with 1st crack
>  just finished, and i find it to have great acidity, complexity a
>  little lacking, though with a nice mouthfeel.
>  I roast with a Behmor 1600, usually doing 7oz batches at 1/2lb setting(P3).
>  -Tony
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