[Homeroast] Tom, Outlook for Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees this year?

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Fri Feb 4 00:30:36 CST 2011

Thanks for your posts, as usual, Tom!
Can you clarify "It's a great roaster for demo'ing the process - 
perhaps the best for that. But not for sample roasting!"?
Thanks again,
robert yoder

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> Subject: Re: [Homeroast] Tom, Outlook for Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees this year?
> The Quest performed great, especially because it was a 220v 60 hertz 
> running on 220v 50 hertz. Drum turned well though, not too slow. I 
> had an email from them after I left it there and they were pretty 
> excited. I mean, they were trying to use the Gene Cafe for these 
> remote cupping labs. It's a great roaster for demo'ing the process - 
> perhaps the best for that. But not for sample roasting!
> Ethiopia is very exciting; in the face of some of the biggest 
> problems (corrupt Unions - yes, FT is largely corrupt in Ethiopia!) 
> and the horrors of the ECX that anonymizes all coffee, we have found 
> a way to buy coffee direct, in a transparent way, with guarantees the 
> farmer is paid fairly, and the qualities are great. Can't talk too 
> much about it, but very happy. The one problem is these are all great 
> wet-process coffees. Since dry process coffees are linked to the old 
> commodity system, most have to go to the ECX. Was trying to get 
> direct samples from Nigusie Lema, who basically farms so deep in the 
> forest he rarely comes out (!), but the samples all had a musty 
> taste, too bad. Maybe later lots will be better.
> Kenya, amazing quality, and prices nearly double of last year! The 
> competition for top lots is fierce, the crop is small. I paid a lot 
> for the coffees, but think we have some amazing lots.... to me the 
> crazy thing is the mediocre lots are also very expensive. C grade 
> coffees, which are like broken beans and underweight, averaged $440 
> per 50KG in the auction last I saw, whereas we paid $660 average (up 
> to $790) for pretty amazing lots. Good thing is, even with the 
> marketing fees and such (and of course possible corruption by coop 
> leaders), the farmers are going to make some good money. Kenya system 
> basically works, as well as anything in Africa works!
> So the outlook is good quality, but high prices. You will see it 
> everywhere. Every roaster will raise prices. In these cases I am 
> seeing good quality coffees. The sad thing is that high C market 
> prices might actually be BAD for quality in other origins, as farmers 
> might lack incentive to be careful in harvest since ALL coffee will 
> sell for a lot, and they might want to hold onto lots past optimal 
> storage times to wait for highest prices. I don't think its an issue 
> for us, because we have established direct relationships with a lot 
> of the coffees we buy, but it will be an issue overall for many 
> roasters... Just some general thoughts!
> Tom
> >What did you see on your recent trip? And did you get to showoff the Quest?
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