[Homeroast] Quest Amp Question

Jeff Bensen jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com
Thu Feb 3 15:26:49 CST 2011

At 04:00 PM 2/3/2011, Barry Luterman wrote:

>I have been having difficulty nailing a roast with my new Quest. Today I
>plugged it in empty turned it on opened the amp switch all the way  and the
>meter went only to 11. This has me wondering if I am not getting enough
>Amperage out of the socket. They are supposed to be 20 amp circuits in the
>house. Do the other Quests behave the same?

Barry -

Just tried mine. With the Quest cold, turning the amp knob all the 
way resulted in 10.5 Amps registering on the Quest meter (11.5 amps 
on the Kill-A-Watt I use for sanity checking, with Quest fan at max, 
meaning about 11 Amps being used by the heaters), dropping to about 
10.25 Amps indicated on the Quest meter after 30 seconds or so. My 
voltage on this outlet, with the Quest running at max Amps, is 122 VAC.

-- Jeff Bensen
    Palm Bay, FL 

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