[Homeroast] Roasting and making coffee at high altitude

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Thu Feb 3 11:01:48 CST 2011

My wife has a house in Incline Village, NV, on the shores of Lake Tahoe. We go there for some skiing in the winter and 
hiking/fishing in the summer.

At 7200 feet we face this problem every trip. For me what works is to grind a little finer and to steep a little 
longerthan I do at home. At a boiling temp of 198 you just can't extract flavors as fast.


>  We moved up to Park City, UT for ski season, and my roasting and vac pot
>  coffee have been below my previous achievements.
>  It's too cold to roast outside (yesterday morning it was about -9 degrees
>  F), so I roast in the heated garage - a steady 55 degrees. It seems to me
>  that it takes an extra minute or two to achieve 1st crack with this setup.
>   I keep my Gene Cafe on a rolling cart with an extension cord (12 gauge wire
>  )& when it is time to go into cooling mode, I roll the whole cart outside so
>  it gets a little help in cooling from the brisk air.
>  And then making a vac pot at 7500+ feet elevation - well, it just hasn't
>  turned out to be as tasty as I've come to expect at sea level. A quick
>  google search says the boiling point of water at this altitude is about 198
>  degrees, which may account for my less-than-desired results.
>  Do any of you have experience roasting / making coffee at altitude?
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