[Homeroast] Hottop Cleaning and Repair

Mike Koenig koenig.mike at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 08:35:44 CST 2011

When I have mine open, I usually hose down the main board with some
electronics cleaner spray, just in case there is any residue that can affect
the operation of the electronics.  I've never had such a problem, but it's a
habit I developed from my old i-Roast (where is was a problem).

I don't open mine up as often as I should either (once every few months
roasting 2 batches/week),  and haven't had any issues.  The only thing that
worries me a little is the amount of oily residue that builds up on the
motor housing.

I also keep the filters clean by putting it in the dishwasher. (I have two
and rotate between them).


On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 11:06 PM, Justin Schwarz <houstini at comcast.net>wrote:

> Just got back from a trip to Portland to pick up Barry's old Hottop and
> spend a nice day with the family that included some nice stops for espresso
> and lunch @ Kennedy school.
> Barry made me a deal that I couldn't refuse on his old "P" model with the
> caveat that it may need some parts to get it in full working order and no
> promises were made about the roaster.  Well, a deal is a deal and I was
> excited to have a roaster that I can use at my house, without going to my
> parents to use my NG BBQ drum.
> I was home for less than 20 minutes and had it opened up to figure out how
> to replace the element and the temperature sensor. When I took the back
> cover off, I was greeted by a small avalanche of chaff.  I grabbed the
> vacuum and got as much as I could right away, as I was doing this on my
> kitchen counter.  I realized that I would have to disassemble the roaster
> further to completely remove the chaff from inside of the back compartment.
> After all of the chaff was gone and I got a good look at how the roaster
> operates I began to see how the roaster is able to build up chaff so easily
> in that compartment and became aware that would be something I would have to
> remember to clean.  How often?
> My next step was to pull the element that had warped over 5 or so years of
> use and see if I couldn't bend it back straight and get some more use out of
> it.  It was warped pretty badly and I tried to gently bend it back into
> place, and then snap! I was fully prepared to replace this part and was not
> surprised when I snapped the element.
> I will wait until I get my replacement parts to replace the temp sensor,
> but it appears to be a pretty easy part.  It is nice that Hottop USA has
> such detailed repair instructions and I look forward to having the roaster
> up and running soon.
> While I have the HT apart is there anything else that I should inspect or
> possibly replace while I am in there?  What are others doing about the chaff
> buildup in the back compartment?
> -Justin
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