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Good to hear your 20 m$ on the list again, Ray.  Been a long time since I 
read a post from you.


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>I would pose this question:
> WHAT IS CAUSING THE EXCESSIVE FINES? Find the first cause and eliminate 
> it.
> You will be grinding faster, enjoying it more and wasting less coffee.
> Whatever is causing the Fines is probably doing something else to
> deteriorate the coffee flavor.
> *Dull Burrs?*
> I think the loose fines contribute no more to the execrable coffee flavors
> than the fines that are not loose- the rough surface that results from 
> soft
> beans being torn apart by dull burrs in a grinder having any geometry of
> burr arrangement. If you think you have flat burrs, submit a drawing of
> your mechanism for patent review. Build a working model and you could get
> rich, and rich coffee- "The richest kind" - - Ricardo
> Flat burrs, like a stack of 33rpm records, might produce 0.5mm particulate
> dimension, but 6.5mm beans could never enter the 0.5mm burr spacing in the
> first place.
> The separation at the vertex determines the grind size; the base opening 
> or
> separation allows beans to enter the burrs and get the ball rolling. For
> example, two flat files set at an angle to each other could do it. The
> reciprocating drive mechanism could be built. Then the only replacements
> needed would be a couple of Nicholson files at the hardware store. Not the
> American way.
> Revolving flat files at an angle [between file/ rasp surfaces] describes a
> cone, but compromises are made to use a single pair of adjustable rotating
> burrs to produce a continuous variety of particulate sizes.
> In my opinion -RayO
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> Persist in old ways; expect new results - suborn Insanity...

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