[Homeroast] Sifting ground coffee

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Tue Dec 27 09:31:14 CST 2011

I would pose this question:

WHAT IS CAUSING THE EXCESSIVE FINES? Find the first cause and eliminate it.
You will be grinding faster, enjoying it more and wasting less coffee.
Whatever is causing the Fines is probably doing something else to
deteriorate the coffee flavor.

*Dull Burrs?*

I think the loose fines contribute no more to the execrable coffee flavors
than the fines that are not loose- the rough surface that results from soft
beans being torn apart by dull burrs in a grinder having any geometry of
burr arrangement. If you think you have flat burrs, submit a drawing of
your mechanism for patent review. Build a working model and you could get
rich, and rich coffee- "The richest kind" - - Ricardo

Flat burrs, like a stack of 33rpm records, might produce 0.5mm particulate
dimension, but 6.5mm beans could never enter the 0.5mm burr spacing in the
first place.

The separation at the vertex determines the grind size; the base opening or
separation allows beans to enter the burrs and get the ball rolling. For
example, two flat files set at an angle to each other could do it. The
reciprocating drive mechanism could be built. Then the only replacements
needed would be a couple of Nicholson files at the hardware store. Not the
American way.

Revolving flat files at an angle [between file/ rasp surfaces] describes a
cone, but compromises are made to use a single pair of adjustable rotating
burrs to produce a continuous variety of particulate sizes.

In my opinion -RayO
Persist in old ways; expect new results - suborn Insanity...

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