[Homeroast] Behmor: door opening to control roast progression

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out of lurk mode.
So, I used to use P2 user on my Behmor.  Such a guessing game on when 1c would come and setting the time accordingly.  I finally started cracking/opening the door to drop the temp right after 1c.  Though, when my temp sensor went out the Behmor tech had me bypass the sensor (easyly unpluged) This gave me full power when it was on, and I started adjusting my heat with the door.  Well, I liked the results so well I just wired a switch into the temp sensor circuit (bypassed the sensor) and now can control when my heat comes on.  It's totally manual but I like that allot better and don't have to open the door.  Now I usually run it full on until I get close to 1c and then drop the power for 10 -15 interval every min for about 3 min. and then a last blast of full power.  This seems to give me approx, 3-4 min between 1c to 2c.  The results are good usually and I roast to city+ most of the time.

Hope that helps a little.


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I'm wondering if anyone using door opening to control 1C to 2C times could share some of their findings.  I'm a long time user of P2 mode and have finally decided that I want more direct control over the roast than P2 provides.  
While using P1 it seems that I need to open the door as soon as 1C starts to prevent the roast from progressing too rapidly.  It also seems that I need to leave the door open an inch until I'm ready to apply more heat.  Getting a several minute spread and ending with a full city+ roast seems easy enough.  Does anyone have any specific advice for trying to get a city+ roast with a decent 1C to 2C spread?
On a side note, I recently ordered a roasted coffee from sweet marias that has been very educational to compare to my roasts.  The coffee was a city+ roast of Ethiopia Limu Jimma - Alaga Sekala.  Almost tea like at times.    

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