[Homeroast] Behmor: door opening to control roast progression

Michael maikeru207 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 26 16:13:20 CST 2011

I'm wondering if anyone using door opening to control 1C to 2C times could share some of their findings.  I'm a long time user of P2 mode and have finally decided that I want more direct control over the roast than P2 provides.  
While using P1 it seems that I need to open the door as soon as 1C starts to prevent the roast from progressing too rapidly.  It also seems that I need to leave the door open an inch until I'm ready to apply more heat.  Getting a several minute spread and ending with a full city+ roast seems easy enough.  Does anyone have any specific advice for trying to get a city+ roast with a decent 1C to 2C spread?
On a side note, I recently ordered a roasted coffee from sweet marias that has been very educational to compare to my roasts.  The coffee was a city+ roast of Ethiopia Limu Jimma - Alaga Sekala.  Almost tea like at times.    

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