[Homeroast] Milk Chocolate Tangerine Americano

miKe mcKoffee mckona at comcast.net
Fri Dec 23 09:06:15 CST 2011

Don't post my morning cups often but this one just slapped me up side the
head. That would be our new washed Sidamo morning Americano 8 day rested
pulled on my Bricoletta at home. Damn this is an Excellent washed Ethiopia!

No greens not sourced from Tom (from Café Imports, major hitter in top rung
greens for big boys:) But just had to mention it, simply a killer example of
a fine washed Ethiopia coffee. Upfront hot the citrus tangerine strikingly
clear, as it cools the milk chocolate builds and the tangerine isn't fading
with a bit of floral can't quite pin point it coming in. Delish! Damn I'm
having trouble letting it cool all the way down to room temp almost gone,
too good to quit sipping!

FWIW USRC drum roasted 432f | 14:45min | start of 1st ~11:45min.

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