[Homeroast] FW: Twelve roasts of Christmas

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Thu Dec 22 19:27:08 CST 2011

> On the first day of Christmas,
> my roaster sent to me
> Yemen Mokha Ismaili. 

Oh man, what a way to start.  Yes, please, I must remind myself to thaw
out some of this and roast it again Real Soon Now.  Just did that with
the Moka Kadir, and had the first [unrested] cup - first in nearly a
month.  Kicked me upside the head, obviously memory fails to do it
justice... which is why I'm wondering how much better the Ismaili is
than my fading memories of it.

> ***Almost updated it with some newer coffees like replacing Island of Saint
> Helena with Panama Esmeralda but decided to leave it orginal for posterity.

How old is this, Mike?  If posterity isn't keeping up the payments,
you'd be well within your rights to amend it.  :-)

Graphic designers are not user interface designers. -- Philip Greenspun

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