[Homeroast] Behmor 1600 questions

michael kaericher mike_kae at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 20 12:27:50 CST 2011

I use a thermocouple.  I have it tied to the left side drum support in a half hitch.  
I don't hope to get exact readings of ET.  Instead I use it to make sure that ET is not going down as I crack the door too stretch 1C-2C.

Regarding opening the door, I wait until I verify several snaps of 1C.  That is when 1C is adding significant heat to the roast.

That said, lately, I've changed my Behmor roasting strategy.  Up to recently, I have focused on maximizing 1C-2C, often resulting in roast lenghths of 18-21minutes.   Lately, I have been focusing more on a 13-15minute roast by trying to speed up the onset of 1C.  To do this I *preheat the roaster empty for 2 minutes
*roast 10oz 
*attach a piece of aluminum foil to the chaff tray on the roaster door side.  
*When I hit 1C, I remove the aluminum foil to help slow things down a bit.  

Doing this, I have found a significant improvement in the flavor of my coffee.

-Mike K

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> I had a couple of questions. Does
> anyone recommend using a digital thermometer with
> thermocouple with the Behmor.  If so, how do you get
> the thermocouple in the Behmor. 
> Also, as part of my roasting process. I am trying to extend
> the time between first and second crack as long as possible.
> Based on information I've read before, I usually keep the
> door open a crack once i go into first crack. But sometimes
> I'm not really sure when first crack starts. Is the first
> faint crack that I hear or is the first real snap.  Any
> thoughts?
> Thanks 
> John 
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