[Homeroast] Hey...what's all that smoke coming out of the Behmor?

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Tue Dec 20 12:07:15 CST 2011

Seth, so far I haven't had something like that happen to me.  I really shake the beans in the drum before roasting to get rid of some of the chaff. Seems to help some. But I do still get a lot of post roast chaff though.

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So, I was planning out my holiday roasting for gifts and found some old
Guatamala Oriente, in the back of my stash.  I couldn't believe I still had
some left, as I had loved this coffee when it came out.  So, I load up the
roast, nearly a full pound (which I seldom do) and start roasting, figuring
that, even though not fresh, it will still make a nice gift coffee.  Well,
after 10 minutes, I remembered why I stopped roasting this coffee.  It's
the chaffy-est coffee I've ever seen.  I kept seeing flashes of chaff
hitting the heating element.  With such a large roast, and so much chaff, I
knew I was in for trouble.  I watched it closely, and we hit first crack, I
thought I was home free.  Then, as first started to die, I saw the smoke
start coming out of the roaster.  I hit the cool button, and then the show
really started.  The rush of air hit the smoldering chaff and "Flame on!"
I knew it was only chaff, so I decided to open all the doors and windows
and let it go.  We had a lot of smoke, burning chaff sparks flying inside
the roaster, and my two dogs ran for the hills (Cowards!).  After another
minute or two, the smoke started to subside.  I'm going to label this as
"Smoked Guatemalan".  And, to add insult to injury, after cleaning the
Behmor quite thoroughly with Simple Green, I ran a cleaning cycle.  On the
cool down, I got the dreaded Err6.  A quick email to the great people at
Behmor, and I have a new motor on the way.  But it was not the Christmas
roasting experience I had hoped for.  But, on the bright side, I managed to
not burn down the house, so I'm still ahead of the game.
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