[Homeroast] Behmor 1600 questions

davidjohnrossell at gmail.com davidjohnrossell at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 06:13:46 CST 2011

> I had a couple of questions. Does anyone recommend using a digital  
> thermometer with thermocouple with the Behmor. If so, how do you get the  
> thermocouple in the Behmor.

There was a discussion about doing this sort of thing a while back, but I  
don't recall that anyone had a great solution for it.

> Also, as part of my roasting process. I am trying to extend the time  
> between first and second crack as long as possible. Based on information  
> I've read before, I usually keep the door open a crack once i go into  
> first crack. But sometimes I'm not really sure when first crack starts.  
> Is the first faint crack that I hear or is the first real snap. Any  
> thoughts?

I've had that problem sometimes with beans, especially decaf beans. Smell  
is a great clue, and color (again, not for decaf beans) can help also.  
Tom's pictorial guide to stages of a roast will at least get you in the  
ballpark, but I as often as not go by when the green, grassy smell is  
leaving the beans. There's a time when that smell is gone, but before you  
start to smell something more akin to smoke (you'll also see smoke start to  
come out of the afterburner). When the smoky smell just starts, second  
crack isn't too far away (ymmv, though). I'll also sometimes let a couple  
of beans sit in the tray of the heat shield/chaff collector. Those tend to  
roast more quickly than the ones in the drum, so they can be your canaries.

The Behmor is a great roaster, but sometimes you're using your Jedi powers  
to get a good roast out of it. It's not a science (too many variables), and  
I've made my peace with that in return for the large roasting capacity.

Good luck!


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