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I've been very satisfied with my storage process. I like all kinds of
origins and processes so it helps having an extensive stash. Though
I'd be a bit embarrassed to say how extensive it is  ;-). I tend to
buy 5-20lbs when something really catches my interest.

On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 8:26 PM, sci <scizen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Two subjects sure to start a discussion among homeroasters: pre and post
> roast bean storage.
> I fully understand Tom's perspective, and wish I had it, but it's different
> than the average homeroaster I think. At least different than mine. I do
> have a need and a desire to grab beans that I love and hold on to them a
> while. a long while. I do use vacuum sealers and I have a non-defrosting
> [important] deep freeze. I stored some legendary IMV from 2007 for 4 years.
> I roasted it and it was still stupendously fruited with its vaunted
> "blueberry pancake syrup" notes! Had it lost any flavor. Probably. Did I
> care? Nope. How else was I supposed to get a cup of 07 IMV in 2011, and to
> what would I be able to compare it except my memory and notes? I bought a
> bunch of the Koratie DP because it was even better, and I still have about
> 3 lbs in the deep stash. Ok, yes I'm an Ethipoian DP nut, but aren't we all
> some kind of nut? Tom has coffee galore, coffee I can only dream about,
> samples from all over the Earth, stuff we'll never taste, and an endless
> stream of fresh lots he may never even sell. But I know what I like, and
> when it comes along, I'm gonna stock up on it. I can only thank you Tom for
> finding it for us.
> Ivan
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> That is what I claimed when I started in 1997, knowing little but
> what people said in the trade. Those people were wrong, basically.
> It's really about the climate it is stored in, changes in heat and
> moisture/humidity, and how you store it. Let's say here in the SF Bay
> area, which is pretty ideal. 2 years in jute would be totally baggy
> tasting. Everyone would notice it. 2 years in Grainpro barrier bags
> or vacuum pack would be faded and definitely noticeable by most
> people. Perhaps the only way would be vacuum packed and frozen (in a
> real freezer too). George Howell does this with success at Terroir
> coffee. I have some tests under way in this too, but it is a moot
> point because I usually don't want a coffee that long anyway - there
> are too many new things to try to want to store old stuff and
> dedicate a freezer to that... Anyway, in a dramatically dry climate,
> Arizona, which also has monsoon season basically, nothing can save
> green coffee - no packaging except (perhaps) the vac pack frozen. I
> have tasted green coffee that is already off/tainted after 6 weeks
> from a climate like that!
>>Can someone remind me of how long you typically can keep green coffee beans
>>before they get stale.  Was it that they are typically stale two years
>>after being harvested?
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