[Homeroast] brew temps and roast degree relationship

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In my experience darker roasts take a cooler temperature.  Obviously that's as vague as it gets, but experiment and you'll get your own opinions.  If I'm pulling a shot of a coffee who's roast hit second crack, 450f range, then I'm probably pulling my espresso shot 2-3f cooler.
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Subject: [Homeroast] brew temps and roast degree relationship
Has anybody experimented with the relationship of brew temperatures to
roast degrees? I know that there is a relationship of temperature to grind,
with finer grind extracting much quicker with hotter temps.
So are there any general brewing guideline like darker roasts requiring
hotter temps and lighter roasts needing a lower temp?
One day, I will buy a refractometer (mojo) and do some extraction tests of
these things.

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