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Honestly, and this isn't to take business away from Tom in any way... but I find the Buono to be quite inferior to other products out there at a smaller price point.  Check out the kettles from Homeloo and also search Olive Oil kettles.  You can do similar or better for much less money.

Specifically, we use Homeloo kettles in our cafes.  They are more temperature stable and pour more slowly than the Buono... for the half the cost.  Kind of a no brainer for us. :)
Bryan Wray
Compass Coffee

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Hi folks,

After watching Tom's you tube video on brewing coffee I fell in love with
the kettle he was using.
So I found that he sells it!

It is stainless steel, but can anyone tell me if it is magnetic or not? I
want to use it with an induction hot plate which has excellent temperature
control, but that requires that it have enough iron in it. If it is magnetic
it should be fine :)

Also, how much water does it hold??

Thanks in advance

PeterZ   ( Now retired on an island {Rockport, Massachusetts})
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