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it is a great coffee. just received some from my sister.
love it.

prices have been going up for months now, weather is a factor but as I
understand it there is
also some manipulation going on with the markets, the coffee futures.

farmers are taking it in the shorts with the large 2 or 3 big guys trying to
organize all the farmers
and buy all the coffee. so you have those guys who said NO trying to get a
fair price for their
years work.

for me Tom and Maria are selling GREAT coffee at yes a bit higher price but
they also pay
a higher price for it. basic supply and demand.
clearly for me I hope the large corporations do not win the war against the
small coffee
farmer and SM can still buy the best!

coffee has not been a volatile as perhaps oil or rice has been the last few
years but we all feel the crunch
in whatever is in demand.

you can get less expensive beans; just shop around. try them and you perhaps
will enjoy a few nuggets
you discover. you must simply look around. check some of the coffee sites
that offer bulk
buys to members. lots of ways to save but SM is the best!!!


On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 7:37 PM, Jon Rosen <jon at jonro.com> wrote:

> I bought some Kenya Kirinyaga AA Kabingara (very good) back in May and paid
> $6.70 a pound. I thought I would order more last week, but found Kenya
> Kirinyaga AA Kiunyu for $9.65 per pound. Why would coffee from the same
> region cost 50% more just three months later?
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