[Homeroast] Offtopic: The Terrifying Saga Continues...

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 10:30:05 CDT 2011

Thanks so much, Dave.

They got my car going & are driving him home now. (I stayed behind & *tried
*to sleep - finally did about 5 am). Since we're all broke (she's supposed
to get support now, but that hasn't started yet), so he had to walk the
couple of miles bwtn my apt & his to use his battery for our car. LOL - but
it all came together & they have him now.

She got all the paperwork to file contempt, too. I misunderstood in the
confusion last night - apparently the father never even left his home in
Maine yesterday (I thought he drove half way then refused to drive the rest
of the distance). This was, I'm sure, in retaliation for *our* flat tire -
fortunately, she has the proof - photos, the towing receipt, etc.

Sigh... Dylan also needs good counseling after all he's gone through.

I just don't get it - how can a parent put their own child (any child?!)
through this hell? It's just not fair.

The mom didn't have good fighting skills - kind of quiet, in some ways like
I was at her age. I still have the same basic kind of quiet personality, but
man oh man, I have learned how to fight, esp. for my kids... was a tough
thing to learn, and yes, she's learning to fight, too. :D

Kind of puts everything in perspective though...

And wow am I appreciating a good cup of homeroast right now! I don't even
know what I roasted, lol - in fact, I put everything in glass jars unlabeled
because I discovered we have (yikes!) a mouse. (and yes, I'm saying *"a"
mouse*, as it makes me feel not as freaked out... lol) Fortunately, none of
the plastic bags (never transferred them as I usually do because of - well,
life) were eaten (unlike some bags of food). Used the last of my monthly
income for some ultrasound thingies I've places in the apt & in the
basement, & as soon as I can I'll get some mint oil to spread around the
kitchen to repel them. Ugh!! (I actually tried to sleep w/the light on I was
so freaked out, but that didn't work - and I'm allergic to cats, so that
idea is out. I'd like to borrow my daughter's cat, though... haha).

As a side note (*everything* I write is a side note, lol!) all of this has
made me consider (again) finishing up my bachelors to get a BSW (Bachelor's
of Social Work). With my disability check, I really only need part time work
to supplement my income (so I don't have to be living on poverty level for
the rest of my life, lol). I've also been working w/her to get her an apt -
w/my help (after two long days of hell at the DTA office), she got a voucher
last week!! I really believe she would have given up & not received the
voucher (new program in MA) if I hadn't stuck it out w/her. It was
*awful*beyond words!

Thanks so much to you & all out there praying & sending out good thoughts.
We really need this to make sure our little one is safe & with his mom.

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 9:25 AM, Dave Huddle <
137trimethyl26dioxopurine at gmail.com> wrote:

> Lynne,
> I also believe in prayer.    You and your family are in my prayers!
> Don't give up.
> Dave

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